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[Content Warning: mentions of abuse and suicidal ideation.]

”My experience can be summarized by saying I was in a horrific environment and was ready to delete myself. Now I'm alive, hopeful, and starting a life of my own. My family of origin was never terribly good. Mom had always been emotionally abusive and would use my disability as a means of keeping me living with her and [as a] subject to her abuse. They were transphobic but not on a dangerous level until the anti-SJW movement and the Trump election of 2016, when many Americans were radicalized. Their abuse amped up to the point where I'd mostly just hide upstairs. When my brother attacked me over a stupid argument over a sandwich, I called 911. I was honest with the police, telling them I was seriously considering suicide. I had a plan. I was saving up pills and had easy access to guns. My radicalized family would never give up their stockpile, even after learning I was suicidal. I then voluntarily stayed in a mental health facility for about a week but came out worse than I went in since the care was not evidence-based.

After learning that I was made very unsafe by the staff, my mother threatened to “send me back there” if I'd ever called 911 on my family of origin again. A caller called one of many online broadcasts to which I listen and informed them [that] she performed several extractions for an organization called Rainbow Passage. A few days later, I looked them up and filled out their application. I held out very little hope since I'd had many people enable my abusers or just ignore my requests for help, including medical professionals. I also have many challenges including [an] inability to drive, several disabilities, and a family that makes moving about as an independent adult extremely difficult.

After some correspondence and planning, Joyce arranged with Cornell [to] go get my cat, his papers to travel, and to make a flight out to [redacted]. I am now receiving disability benefits…and I'm learning how to use a far better public transit system than existed north of [redacted]. While I'm having some trouble with bureaucracy, I am doing very well getting my life under me in an accepting environment. I even have a couple [of] new friends. Where I used to have no hope of moving forward in life, much less escaping a severely emotionally abusive radicalized family, I now am successfully starting a life. I am currently working on becoming a resident of the state of [redacted] and finding doctors, including a local therapist. Rainbow Passage saved me from a worsening dangerous environment and found a place for me to land and start putting together a safe and healthy life as a transgender person.”

- Anonymous, October 2023
(All people mentioned above have been given randomized, fictional names and all locations mentioned have been redacted to ensure the safety and privacy of the client and those involved.)